Say Goodbye to Granddad's Retirement

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Experts discuss the birth of Social Security

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Amy Pugh is troubled with her career path

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Credit scores today vs. granddad's day

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Anne Rowlison- depression era
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Depression era
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Young Americans May Never Get Their Break

A problem that is affecting billions of Americans goes unanswered...until now.

Tony Walker's new documentary film, "Say Goodbye to Granddad's Retirement" sheds new light on the notion of retirement. Gone are the days of working for one company all your life and retiring with a fat pension and Social Security.

The best plan now is to keep on working!

As Generation X & Y enters the workforce, they bring with them a new set of skills, work ethic, and attitude toward employers. "They aren't conventional in terms of the old 40 hour work week, they ask for flexibility in their time as much as anything else in their job," says Bill Medley of Farm Credit Services of Mid-America. It seems that this MTV Generation of "slackers" my end up working longer than their bootstrap grandparents.

But what does Generation X & Y have to say about this new way of thinking? The story follows two twentysomethings down their career paths. Amy Pugh is forced to make a decision between going back to school for a masters degree to pursue her passion and possibly risk everything by going deep into debt, or accepting a full time job offer and a hefty salary increase at a job she doesn't care for. In another case, Chance Forshee dreams of becoming a filmmaker after dropping out of college. When he loses his part time job managing a smoothie shop he starts to reconsider getting a degree.

With so many uncertainties regarding retirement, how is a young person to prepare for the future? "The best way is to start right now," says 93 year old Anne Rowlison. Her depression-era perspective on money and saving brings hope to today's young Americans.

This dramatic and emotional documentary will bring a new awareness to that dark cloud on the horizon...retirement.

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